Priscilla Gilman

Editing, Consulting, & Teaching

As a literary agent and editor/writing coach, Priscilla has worked with Dan-El Padilla Peralta, Lara Vapnyar, B. Janet Hibbs, Ayse Papatya Bucak, Keija Parssinen, Allen Shawn, Sunny Schwartz, Delia Ephron, Ann Beattie, Roxana Robinson, Rachel Adams, Jasmine Lobe, Joe Loizzo, Mark Prins, Harriet Scott Chessman, Francesca Stanfill, and many others. She offers pitch letter consultations, 1:1 coaching, partial and full draft edits, and developmental editing, and teaches private writing workshops. She also leads private book group discussions on everything from Jane Eyre to Toni Morrison to current fiction. Fill out the contact form to inquire about rates and availability.